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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 16:24
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SELECTING WINNERS Here at CoverGirlWanted.com we wish to select as many winners as possible, but we would like to keep it a fair competition, so we have decided to choose ONE winner on a quarterly basis, on the 1st of the month. Your chance to be in the competition does depend upon when you register, but don't worry if you miss your chance when you first join, you have plenty of chances to win, a winner is selected once quarterly PLUS one yearly winner, after the yearly winner is announced all quarterly winners profiles alongside the yearly winner will be deleted, you may wish to enter again by registering again for another chance to win.

AUTHORIZATION: The person submitting information and/or photos to WeirdMusic.Net hereby states that they are 18 years or older, or that they are the parent or guardian of the person submitting information and/or photos for the use of WeirdMusic.Net to help market them for hire in the modeling/acting industry.

WeirdMusic.Net reserves the right to admit or reject anyone’s photos which are against WeirdMusic.Net’s social policy, or are pornographic or violent in nature or are disrespectful towards self or others in nature.

WeirdMusic.Net reserves the right to terminate any model’s site who is not in good standing, does not follow guidelines stated herewith in, or is known as a felon for any and all criminal activity., or if model fails to show at an agreed-upon modeling/acting job either verbally or in writing (e-mail), or causes disturbances on a modeling job, movie or TV production set, fails to follow orders from director, AD, photographer, or other persons of authority on a job either sent by WeirdMusic.Net or other cooperating agency.

WeirdMusic.Net can ban persons from membership on the website due to disorderly conduct on a job, or towards other models or companies he or she may come in contact with. Model submitting photos and personal information must submit correct information regarding age, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, scars, tattoos, birthmarks or other distinguishing physical characteristics and all pertinent information asked of them by either WeirdMusic.Net or by company hiring them directly or indirectly for the purposes of employment, temporary or long-term, tax id information, location of residency (city, country, and/or mailing address and valid phone number for the purpose of payment or contacting for jobs).

Model or person submitting photos/information agrees to allow WeirdMusic.Net to market them to any and all institutions hiring such persons for paid modeling jobs and understands that certain information will be exchanged necessarily for the sole purpose of hiring model(s)/actor(s) for any purpose in any position for legitimate hire, whether long or short term, temporary or permanent.

WeirdMusic.Net is not responsible for information or data supplied by model and is assuming information supplied by model or company hiring model to be accurate as best as can be ascertained by WeirdMusic.Net.

WeirdMusic.Net does not act as an agent but allows companies hiring models to request information for the purpose of hiring any or all models for legitimate paid jobs as described in Model request form. WeirdMusic.Net does not guarantee modeling or acting leads, jobs, employment, casting calls or any contracts as a result of posting photos or information on WeirdMusic.net.

WeirdMusic.Net Model agrees not to hold WeirdMusic.Net liable for damage, direct or indirect, to person, property or character as a result from being hired by any company or persons hiring models posted on WeirdMusic.Net.

Model holds the right to refuse employment by a company for any reason (conflict in schedule, travel, etc.) but must keep promise of employment (verbally or written) once already promised to show. WeirdMusic.Net has the right to ban a model from membership upon failure to appear on promised job and could be banned from future job possibilities or consideration. No refund in membership will be given to model for breaching promise to potential employer or to WeirdMusic.Net. Model who breaches agreement may also be liable for monetary damages incurred by production company for loss of services and/or money.

Model agrees not to hold WeirdMusic.Net liable for loss of files, data, exposure time on WeirdMusic.Net due to circumstances not under our control. Such incidents may include, but are not limited to, government regulations or controls, fire or other casualty, acts of war, inability to obtain materials or services, technical failure or difficulties, problems with internet, computer viruses, snow storms, hurricanes or other acts of God, insurrection, or any other cause not within realistic control of WeirdMusic.Net.

It is the model’s sole and personal responsibility to pay income tax appropriate to their own state, city county and country of residence. WeirdMusic.Net does not pay or distribute money for any jobs a model receives from exposure on WeirdMusic.Net website.

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